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Welcome to bets2profit

All selections advised to members will be proofed each day to Racing Index, one of the internet’s leading horse racing websites and a totally independent proofing authority..

I am a firm believer in simple check-able proof and that beating the betfair starting price consistently is the gold standard that all tipsters should be judged by. I provide selections the evening before racing.


Betting on horses can only be successful if you have a system.Horse racing is very unpredictable at times especially in the lower class races and juvenile races. By utilizing our system you will find that over the coming months you will see your bank balance grow due to the consistent profits our system provides.

Going, jockey, draw, handicap, course, form, trainer, distance, these are all variables the ordinary punter has to weigh up when assessing form. Bets2profit does this for you. I  have records dating back to 2003 which analyse all the variables listed above.

I now have access to a database of all historical races which allows me to analyse all races in a reasonably timely manner irrespective of the number of runners etc.  It also assists me when there is limited form to go on.  This has improved the results from 15th Oct  2016 when I made my latest changes to the selection process and discontinued place lay and win bets